Covid Marshal Day/Night Vest - (NSW/VIC/SA)

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100% polyester

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The Covid Safe Hygiene Marshal Vest is available in 2 colours- high vis yellow and high vis orange which can be worn during both day and night. Making sure that crucial workplaces and the individuals who work there are COVID Safe is a major responsibility of the COVID Marshal. A COVID Marshal needs to be on the job site wherever employees are there. When they have vests on, their position is clear to their fellow colleagues. Therefore, our printed Covid safety marshal vest is ideal for covid-19 retail and commercial use. It can be worn underneath casual clothing. XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 5XL, and 7XL are among the many sizes available. They are made of durable and lightweight polyester.

· 100% Polyester Tricot

· 2 x front Velcro closure

· Cool, breathable and lightweight

· Front print COVID SAFE HYGIENE MARSHAL in Black ink at 120mm wide x 60mm

· Back print COVID SAFE HYGIENE MARSHAL in Black ink at 280mm wide x 120mm tall

· Compliant with AS Standard

· Branding is based on the availability

· No minimum quantity

Industry Applications: This vest is an essential element of government-sponsored safety programmes, particularly for imposing social segregation during gatherings and in shopping malls, as well as in places of hospitality like cafes, bars, restaurants, schools, and sporting events.

We can also have them custom printed for the same cost if you need any customization to match your business branding needs. Simply input your customisation requirements, and when you place your purchase, we'll print it to your exact specs and rush-deliver it to your home in 1-2 days. Additionally, pick up is an option from our store.

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Product FAQ

Who can wear this vest and when?

The covid-19 retail and commercial markets are perfect for using our printed safety marshal vest. People in covid safety plans can wear it, specifically to enforce social segregation at events and at shopping malls, as well as in public places like cafés, bars, restaurants, schools, and sporting events.

Can we wear this vest at night as well?

Yes, this vest is ideal for both day and night as it has reflective strips. 

Is the vest customizable in any way?

If you require any customisation to match your company branding requirements, we can do that too and have them custom printed for the same price.

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