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low to high
Oves Rigger Glove
$4.76 to $5.60 + print
Welders Gauntlet
$5.98 to $7.04 + print
Dexti Cut Ultra Glove
$6.66 to $7.84 + print
Classic Rigger Glove
$6.66 to $7.84 + print
Thermo Pro Ultra
$6.73 to $7.92 + print
CT HR Nitrile Foam
$7.14 to $8.40 + print
CT VHR Nitrile Foam
$8.43 to $9.92 + print



Portwest is one of the leading brands for the supply of safety equipment. Their products range from gloves and goggles to fire resistant and high visibility workwear. Their most popular products include their range of safety goggles, gloves and gauntlets. 

Recently we received a quote request for the PW32 wrap around sunglasses by a painting house. As these are available in bulk, they ordered around 100 of these and were quite satisfied with the product.

Portwest also supplies hi vis T-shirts, both short and long sleeved. Polos are also availble in high visibility reflective tape, making it easier for workers in risky environments to be safe and visible: especially during the dark.