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How to comply with the Covid-19 Safety plan | Physical Distancing |
Thu, Oct 21, 2021 10:42 AM

As part of the Covid Safe operation requirements of Businesses in Australia, many businesses are required to nominate a person as the Covid Marshal. The Covid Marshal resposibilities and requirements vary by state, but each state does require the Covid Marshal to be clearly identifiable. See here for more detailed requirements for each state, which we also summarise below

State Wise Covid Marshal requirements


State Requirements Link
  • Construction businesses must comply with regulation below:
    • The COVID Marshal must be listed as an Emergency Contact on signage at the front of the site
    • COVID Marshals are individuals who have (at a minimum) certifications and training for
      • Infection Control Awareness Training (mandatory)
      • First Aid (Level 2) – (recommended)
  • For events over 500 you must have a staff member on site that only and exclusively performs the role of COVID Marshal during your event ; and,
  • A COVID Marshal can be a volunteer or a staff member and must be easily recognised (eg lanyard, badge, coloured shirt, hat, hi-vis vest). ACT-Construction-Covid-19-Requirements-draft-270821.pdf

  • Must appoint a Covid Safety supervisor who is a person in authority that has the skills and knowledge to implement the business covid-19 safety plan.
  • No special visibilty or identification requirements
  • Requirements differ by business type. 
  • The Covid safe plan which is are requirement for most busineses requests details regarding Physical Distancing, and how the businesss plans to implement this. A business can choose to have a Covid Marshal whose responsibility it is to take practical steps to ensure people are physical distancing and complying  with the 1.5 metre rule.
  • Having a covid marshal allows a business to easily enforce social distancing requirements See Physical Distancing
  • A Covid Marshal is optional.
  • Events  could also assign a COVID marshal to ask attendees if they have provided their contact information.
  • Take reasonable steps to visually identify as a COVID Marshal.
  • Complete the required training and keep records of the training
  • A worker designated as a Covid Check-In Marshal is responsible for maintaining a system that requires a patron (except a patron under 16 years or age) that attends the premises,to show evidence they are either:
    • fully vaccinated; or 
    • an excepted person.
  • COVID-19 Marshals should be visible, easily identifiable and appropriately trained.
  • Covid Marshal must wear distinctive clothing sufficient to identify them as a COVID Safety Marshal
  • be over 18;
  • has completed the online training course "COVID-19 Infection Control Training"
  • not work in any other capacity at the venue


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