Personalised Coloured Safety Vests and High Vis Vests

This week, we created a few gorgeous high visibility vests, polos, and coloured safety vests for our clients with unique requests. Let's look at how we easily and swiftly completed the order in this article, as well as how our consumers felt about them.
Fri, Nov 18, 2022 11:24 AM
Personalised Coloured Safety Vests and High Vis Vests

Customised high vis polos:

Given that Tasmania's cherry season is already fully on, a high-end boutique cherry farm was registering for the season and need individualised polos for the staff. We began work on the bright high visibility polo shirts after exchanging the necessary logo data and styles and getting the customer's approval on the mock-up. We suggested choosing Direct to Film printing for the back of the polo because there was only black lettering on the front and the customer had a limited budget. Direct to Film printing involves printing on a specific kind of sheet that is then made to transfer prints onto the garment by applying heat. Due to the stunning colour scheme and bold black letters, the finished product was nothing short of stunning, and we are confident that the customer will be back for more!



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Coloured vests for identification:

The event's organiser asked us to order some multicoloured identifying vests for their crew for an upcoming Christmas celebration. After the client accepted the digital mock-ups, we immediately finalised the sublimation printing and sent the goods. The colourful vests with their striking patterns looked great.



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Pink high vis personalised vests for staffs:

It's almost time for Ride the Night! In the dark, Aussie World offers an entirely new experience. The event coordinator emailed us to request some pink high vis vests for their personnel since they had to be immediately identifiable among the crowd. There will be a tonne of entertainment, music, food, and excitement culminating in a spectacular FIREWORKS show on New Year's Eve. He was given a number of printing and placement options, and once these were agreed upon through the exchange of digital mock-ups, we turned on the printers and began printing the order using the sublimation technique, which entails printing on a specific kind of sheet that is then heated to transfer the ink to the fabric. The completed product was exactly what they desired, and the black design of the vest stood out against it nicely!



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High vis Day/Night Zipper vests for force security:

An organisation contacted us about customising a few High Visibility Day/Night Zipper Vests with ID Patches for their force security. After carefully assessing the client's needs and the available funding, we chose to use the DTF printing method. In order to apply this method, a printed design must be placed on a certain sheet of paper and heated. The client was happy with our work and commented on how well the dark print contrasted with the neon background.



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High vis vests customised for a labour hire recruitment agency:

We received an email from a labour hire recruitment agency asking about our price range and turnaround time for some customised high-visibility clothing for its employees. They ordered as soon as we offered our express shipping option, and once they approved the digital mock-ups we sent, we started processing it using the sublimation method, which entails printing on a specific sort of sheet, which is then heated and transfers the design to the fabric. On the vibrantly coloured vest, the text looked fantastic. Once more, we fulfilled our promise to deliver ahead of schedule.



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