Hi Vis Australian Safety Compliant Day Vest

High Vis Day Vest

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100% Polyester, 120GSM

0.12 kg
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black print: 12+

High Vis Day vest is available in 2 colors: Yellow/Lime and Orange. This safety vests is a standard Australian WH&S compliant safety vest that meets the Australian Standard as specified in AS/NZS 4602.1-2011 Class D: Day Use Only

  • High Vis Australian Compliant Day Vest
  • High-quality Velcro closure on front
  • Can be screen printed or embroidered 
  • In Stock in Sydney - Pickup available

Users should take care that these garments are not incorrectly worn at night in conditions that could put the wearer at risk. Daytime high visibility materials are typically not effective when viewed under artificial or low visible light. Class D garments are intended to provide the wearer with high visibility under daylight viewing conditions Only.

The design of garments has been based primarily on the needs of workers in road and rail traffic situations to be seen in field situations by the operators of vehicles approaching them at speed, in time for any necessary safety action to be taken. Their use is, however, recommended in all industrial situations of similar risk levels, where workers need to be seen at distance, against a complex visual background, in conditions of poor visibility, or where they may appear suddenly in the path of a vehicle or item of moving plant.

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