Top stories from this week: Custom high visibility vests and polos

An overview of customized vests and polos made for various Australian businesses using the sublimation printing technology, where Workdepot has successfully met the needs of multiple clients from a broad range of industries.
Fri, Nov 4, 2022 8:36 AM
Top stories from this week: Custom high visibility vests and polos

High-visibility clothing for a construction business:

For their capital works team, a manager from a well-known construction company that performs contract building work for the government ordered some high vis vests with reflective tapes. After receiving the appropriate artwork files, we produced a digital mock-up for the customer to inspect and approve. After making a few modifications to the design to the customer's satisfaction, we ultimately printed the unique sublimation sheets with the approved design and completed the order by heat pressing them on top of the garment. The dark print stood out beautifully against the fluorescent background, and the customer was delighted with our work.



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Children's safety jackets for an OOSH facility:

Here is an Australian childcare facility, Out Of School Hours Centre, that contacted us a few weeks ago to order some safety vests with kid-friendly customizations. Our graphic designers generated a few digital prototypes after discussing the customer's needs for the design, print area, and font size. The client was impressed, and the design was promptly approved. The vests were delivered for printing using sublimation printing, which works well with polyester textures and quickly shipped out the finished goods. They were overjoyed with the results and expressed gratitude for our contribution to the children's happiness. We had a great working rapport with this OOSH.



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High visibility pink vests for an Australian company:

The HR department of the first onshore business in Australia to offer mixed battery recycling decided to purchase some pink high visibility vests for their staff. He was given a variety of printing and location options, and after these were confirmed through the exchange of digital mock-ups, w e turned on the printers and began printing the order using the sublimation technique, which entails printing on a special kind of sheet that is then heated to transfer the ink to the fabric. They got exactly what they desired because of how well the black design of the vest contrasted with it.



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Teacher-on-duty customised High vis day vests:

High visibility day vests were required by a school for the instructors who will be leading the students on field trips. The all-black artwork was printed on orange high visibility using the sublimation printing technique, which involves printing on a special sheet of paper, which is then transferred onto a polyester/polyester mix fabric by heating until the ink dissolves into the fabric, after the print location and sizes were confirmed via a digital mock-up and the necessary changes were applied. Unlike other procedures, this one's printing lasts longer and won't break or peel. Once more, Team Workdepot shipped the item two weeks before the scheduled delivery date to minimise bother for the customer and provide the highest level of customer service.



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Bespoke polo shirts for an Australian recycling enterprise:

The coordinator of an Australian recycling company approached us again to have numerous customised polos printed after having their last batch of employee uniforms customised by us. We already had the artwork on file with us from the last time, so everything went quite quickly. After much consideration, we decided to move through with the personalization utilising the sublimation printing technique, which involves printing a design on a specific paper that, when heated, turns the used inks into gas, which then reacts with the fabric to permanently imprint it. The effects are durable and less prone to fading since the ink is embedded in the fabric or substrate rather than simply sitting on top like a standard print. Strong black on a hi-vis fluorescent background made for a wonderful final product, and we once again met our deadline!


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