A sneak preview of this week's best ones

This blog showcases the personalised safety gear we created over the past week for a variety of clients with varying needs.
Fri, Nov 11, 2022 9:21 AM
A sneak preview of this week's best ones

Chief fire warden vest for an apparel industry:

The manager of the apparel industry's fire and safety division got in touch with us to place an order for a few chief fire warden vests for their team. Following the creation of a digital mock-up to verify the print placements and sizes, the vests were imprinted using a technique called sublimation printing, wherein the ink enters the fabric to imprint the design and give it a fade-resistant finish. Polyester textiles that are worn regularly are ideal for sublimation designs since the ink stains the cloth right away. We yet again met our delivery schedule, and the end product is top notch with strong black lettering against a white background.

Click here for the product link: White safety vest for identification

Coloured safety vest for The Alliance Française network:

An association's administrator who works to promote French language and culture emailed us to ask if we could supply some coloured safety clothing that was branded with the organization's name and logo for their volunteers. As soon as the client gave her approval to the digital sample, we finished the printing right away and sent the garments out well in advance. These vests were very stylish and minimal, which is exactly how they wanted it all to be. We're certain they'd return to place additional orders from us!



Click here for the product link: Coloured safety vests for identification 


High vis vests for a well-known business department:

We were tasked with designing some pink high visibility vests for a well-known business department. He was presented with a variety of printing and placement possibilities, and once these were decided upon through the exchange of digital mock-ups, we cranked on the printers and started printing the order using the sublimation technique, which allows printing on a certain sort of sheet that is then heated to transfer the ink to the cloth. The finished item satisfied all of their requests, and the black "toll" words on the vest popped out against the backdrop.

Click here for the product link: Pink high vis vests (workdepot.com.au)

High vis vests for a major event this year’s end:

One of Australia's most well-known event planning companies asked us to customise some high visibility vests for their major event this year's end. They ordered as soon as we offered our express shipping option, and once they approved the digital mock-ups we received, we started processing it using the sublimation method. On the vibrantly coloured vest, their black logo and text looked fantastic. Again, we met our deadline as promised and delivered early.

Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (workdepot.com.au)

Personalised vests for a women's design company:

While searching for personalised vests for their staff, we got an email from a women's design company with Australian ownership. We advised them to purchase an all-polyester piece after it was clear what the vests were for in order to provide good breathability and the fabric's inherent lightness, which improved working conditions. The ability to print sublimation on polyester cloth is another benefit. We continued to print the request utilising sublimation when it was agreed that the print would be wholly black and involve no colour and shipped the clothes out right away once the client approved the mock-up.

Click here for the product link: Special Colour Safety vests for identification


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