High vis reflective toddler day & night closed vest

High Vis Toddler Day/Night Closed Vest

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100% Polyester, 120GSM

0.1 kg
screen print: 25+
embroidery: 10+
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black print: 12+

This product is a high-vis toddler day/night closed vest that comes with 2 high reflective strips and an easy to wear closed design for ages 2/4/6. This vest is compliant with Australian standards and is designed to be worn on any other clothing during both day and night. The material is a lightweight polyester and it offers no resistance to the wearer.

The vests also come highly customizable, they can be easily printed or embroidered with the kid's name, number, design, etc and are slip-on vest which means it doesn't come off easily while moving. We offer print on the front left, front right or back as required. The vest is specifically made to last for kids and is made from 100% polyester, warp knit 120GSM material. 


·       Closed Front

·       Essy slip-on vest

·       No slippage and comfortable


It is best to wear a safety vest while cycling, playing, walking and camping. It offers easy recognition and the perfect safety that can be unmatched by other protection wear. The vest also offers complete torso coverage and is easy to wash, clean and fold. The vests are also resistant to specks of dirt, water, stain, paint and grease. Help keeps kids away from these external elements.


Available in colors high vis Orange and high vis Yellow


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