High Vis Day/Night Vest

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100% Polyester, 120GSM

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Hiviz Day/Night Vest with reflective tape comes in 2 distinctive colours- High Vis Yellow and High Vis Orange. It can be used in a wide variety of industries. Superior quality 100% Polyester makes it longer-lasting and safe for extended use. These vests offer high visibility with 5 cm-wide reflective strips covering the waist, chest, shoulders, and back which provide safety, while you are working under daylight or low light conditions.

High reflective strips

Soft and light weight

Comes in wide range of sizes

Improved noticeability

Can be used in all seasons

Comes with Velcro closure on front

Contrast grey binding

Fully compliant with Australian Standards

Just upload your customization requirement and when you submit your order, we will print it according to your specifications and deliver the highviz straight to your door, through rush delivery in 1-2 days. Pick up option is also available from our outlet.

Industrial Applications: Hivis serves purposes in construction sites, security personnel, traffic Control, survey, landscaping, paving roads, railroad, sanitation jobs, volunteering, etc. It is hazardous to work late at night or early morning, but high vis vests help easily notice the workers and prevent any accidents from happening. 

Also available in one other colour High vis day/night pink vest

High Vis Yellow
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Product FAQ

Are these vests good application for daytime or the night ?

Yes, the high visibility reflective vest is good to use in daylight or low light conditions. These vests are bound to deliver the demanded safety at all intervals. The vests are designed to deliver complete safeguard to the wearer in numerous environments. The vest can be worn on any occasion without worrying about safety.

What Colours and Sizes do we offer ?

Available colors are high vis orange, high vis yellow which is both excellent for use in the safety and protection of the user. The vests can also be custom printed with logo, name and designs as required to personalize the vest on need. 

Our range of sizes are Xs, s, m, l, xl, 2xl, 3xl, 5xl, 7xl.

Who can wear these ?

This unisex vest can be worn by anyone in the field of warehouse, volunteering, construction sites, security personnel, traffic control, field survey, landscaping, paving roads, railroad, sanitation jobs, etc. Anyone looking for protection and to meet the compliance of safety standards set by Australia can use these high-vis workwear vests.

What material are the vests made of and how will my print look ?

Our vests are made of rich and distinctive colored, long-lasting, and comfortable 100% Polyester/warp knit 120Gsm fabric. We also help you with print mock-ups before we begin working on the customization job on the safety vests. Our designers help with revisions and will also ensure quality prints while matching requirements.