This week's top stories featuring our customized safety vests

For our clients who had specific demands this week, we produced a few stunning high visibility vests and coloured safety vests. Let's take a look at how the order was quickly and efficiently accomplished in this post, and also how our customers felt about them.
Mon, Jan 16, 2023 12:27 PM
This week's top stories featuring our customized safety vests

The order of a customised safety vest from us was confirmed by a significant hospital in Sydney, Australia. We then created a few mockups with the help of our talented team of designers. Once the client approved, we created artwork and chose to move forward with the DTF printing technique, which involves printing a special sheet of paper with a design that is then transferred onto the fabric via a heating mechanism as The logo was not black and contained a variety of colours. We printed the necessary sheets and layered them over the vests. When we delivered the vests, the customer was more than happy because the combination of lovely colours with a simple background like blue never fails to please.


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The management of a stunning subterranean club in Fortitude Valley emailed us to request some high visibility vests for their workers. We started creating mockups utilising the logo they gave as soon as the order was placed. After making a few revisions to the design to the customer's satisfaction, we ultimately printed the special sublimation sheets with the approved pattern and completed the order by heat pressing them on top of the garment. The customer was happy with our work and remarked on how beautifully the dark print contrasted with the neon background.


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A few weeks ago, we received a call from Kindergarten, an Australian company that is family-owned and run. they offer great care and high-quality education for children between the ages of six weeks and six years. Following a discussion about the design requirements, print area, and size with the client, our graphic designers produced a few digital prototypes. The client quickly approved the design after being amazed. To print their colourful emblem on the back of the vivid orange vests, DTF received the vests to print. They were ecstatic with the outcomes and expressed gratitude for how happy they felt with the outcome. With this crew, we got along incredibly well at work.


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A well-known Catholic systematic coeducational school's insignia and motto were to be printed on the front and back of some pink high visibility vests that we were tasked with making. He was given a variety of printing and positioning options, and once these were chosen through the exchange of digital mock-ups, we turned on the printers and started printing the order. This was done using the sublimation technique, which allows printing on a specific type of sheet that is then heated to transfer the ink to the fabric. The vest met all their needs, the black letters standing out against the garment.

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 The manager of a well-known company that is a global leader in delivering machine installation and relocation services made a request and bought some High Visibility Day/Night Zipper Vests with ID Patches. As the name implies, the vest features an ID card holder for quick identification. It can be used by surveyors, engineers, safety inspectors, plantation workers, volunteers, and others. It also has extra compartments with flaps to prevent spills that can carry accessories for convenient access. Its lightweight, washable, and durable 120gsm-100% polyester structure makes it exceptionally flexible. Following an examination of their requirements and job budget, it was determined that a sublimation print would be the most appropriate solution.. We printed the exact sheets required for sublimation printing and heat-pressed them onto the reflective material once the buyer approved the digital sample. The customer was overjoyed when we delivered the vests since a bold, dark design on a bright colour, such as the hi-vis, never fails to wow.

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