Our latest prints on high vis vests

This article provides a brief overview of the orders we fulfilled in the last week, serving clients from a broad range of industries with various design specifications.
Sun, Jan 29, 2023 1:07 PM
Our latest prints on high vis vests

We were asked to make several high visibility day/night vests for the employees of a renowned engineering firm with base in Australia that designs buildings and infrastructure projects. We thoroughly examined their requirements and budget before enlisting the aid of our design team to produce mock-up’s. After exchanging a few prototypes with the client, we began printing the garments utilising sublimation printing since the design only included black and no other colours. Our orange high visibility vests with the logo looked fantastic, and the client was really pleased with the results.

Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (workdepot.com.au)

The manager of a well-known farm in Virginia, which delivers the highest-quality potatoes and onions to the top supermarkets, market wholesalers, and export markets in Australia, contacted us to place several orders for high-visibility vests for their members of the team. Our recommendation was to print their brand on a high visibility, neon yellow vest with reflective strips based on their budget and the vest's intended use. Once the customer gave his or her approval, we immediately started printing the order using sublimation. The finished product met the client's and our high standards, and the vests were delivered on schedule and promptly delivered.

Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (workdepot.com.au)

In an email to us, a well-known Melbourne-based company that develops and provides smart home solutions requested a few safety vests with their logo printed in royal blue. In order to make the logo stand out against a royal blue background, we advised printing it in white rather than black. The mock-up our design team produced was heartily accepted by them. The DTF printing method, which entails printing a particular sheet of paper with a design that is then transferred onto the fabric using a heating process, was the one we ultimately decided to use. The required sheets were printed, and they were placed on top of the vests. A basic blue background and the timeless white colour combination made the client really contented.

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The Catholic Church's social services department asked us to create some high-visibility day vests with their logo on the back for its volunteers. After the order was confirmed, we exchanged a few mock-ups, and when the client gave the go-ahead, we started printing the vests via the sublimation printing method, which involves the ink penetrating the fabric and staining the vest with the print to make it fade-resistant. Sublimation prints are ideal for polyester fabric textures that are worn frequently because the ink smears the cloth right away. The client expressed satisfaction with the overall result and expressed gratitude for our timely delivery. Against the vivid orange background, the bold black print stood out.

Click here for the product link: Hi Vis Australian Safety Compliant Day Vest (workdepot.com.au)

We received a voicemail from the administrator of a firm that provides mixed battery recycling services in Australia, asking us to customise a few high visibility vests in pink for their visitors with the word "visitor" printed in bold black on the back and their logo on the front. We swiftly produced the order utilising the sublimation technique and quickly shipped out the vests.

Click here for the product link: Pink high vis vests (workdepot.com.au)

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