Customer showcase- This week's hightlights!

This article offers glimpses of several projects from last week wherein Workdepot has successfully served multiple customers, representing diverse industries, with different design requirements for their vests.
Mon, Mar 20, 2023 9:39 AM
Customer showcase- This week's hightlights!

A request came in a popular firm to order a few safety vests with some lettering for their support crew. We created a few prototypes after reviewing the client's requirements and budget, shared them with the client, and then, with their approval, started printing the vests using the sublimation method because the print just required the usage of black ink. The customer was pleased with the overall experience, and the black design on the vest looked wonderful together. The vest appeared to be just perfect.

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A manager from a renowned construction firm that performs contract building work for the government placed a second order for high visibility vests with reflective tapes for their capital works crew. After receipt of the necessary artwork files, we created a digital mock-up for the client to see and approve. We finally printed the special sublimation sheets with the approved design after making a few changes to the design to the customer's satisfaction, and we finished the order by heat pressing them on top of the garment. The client was once again pleased with our work, and also the dark print stood up brilliantly against the neon background.


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An Australian OOSH care ordered some safety vests from us. We picked high visibility orange vests and sublimation printing because the design only used black, after carefully weighing their budget and the intended use of the vests. The client was overjoyed with how the beautiful vests turned out after printing and that we delivered on time. They'll definitely contact us again to place more orders, we're sure of it.


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This idea was sparked by a request from a co-ed primary school to purchase a few high visibility vests with their logo on them. We sent them a sample to receive their initial approval and to confirm the print position and size. The vests were given final approval after being transported to DTF Printing (Direct-to-film). They are chosen over sublimation prints because they are a little better quality and don't require pre-treating the fabric. Our ability to deliver the goods on time and in accordance with our promises astounded the entire crew.


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The manager of an annual fundraising campaign got in touch with us once more and ordered some High Vis Day/Night Zipper Vests with ID Patches. The vests include a zipper for the perfect fit in every situation and come in two striking single-tone colours. We presented the customer with a number of prototypes made by our professional design team before deciding on the final print design after carefully weighing their needs and budget. Then, we decided to proceed with the DTF printing technique, which requires printing a pattern on a specific sheet of paper before heating it to transfer it to fabric. Their striking colour scheme and prominent red logo produced a final product that was nothing short of outstanding, and the order was finished and dispatched on schedule. 

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