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The Chief Warden High Vis Vest comes in White colour which is perfect to visibly identify the chief wardens quickly during any emergencies.

Chief Warden, as the name suggests, oversees all of the Wardens within a facility. They have the same responsibilities as a Floor Warden, as well as extra duties that they share with the Deputy Warden. The primary role of the Chief Warden to act as the lead point of contact for all other Wardens. They manage almost every operation so that occupants exit an emergency situation safely.

The chief warden vest can be worn over regular clothing and comes equipped with adjustable Velcro fastening to enable maximum comfort to the wearer. It comes with the words “CHIEF WARDEN” imprinted boldly on the front and back of the vest in bright Red colour. They are made with durable and lightweight polyester, available in a wide range of sizes- S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL,5XL and 7XL.

·        100% Polyester Tricot

·        Cool, breathable and lightweight

·        High Vis Day vest

·        CHIEF WARDEN print on front left chest and back

·        Add additional prints as required

·        No minimum quantity

·        Australian Standard AS2700 compliant

Industry Applications: White chief warden vests- can be used in construction sites, offices, workshops, warehouses, special events etc.

During any risky situations, Chief wardens possess a great deal of responsibility. Their role is incredibly important and is crucial to ensuring the safety of everyone within a workplace. For the residents of the building to be safe and for an incident to be handled effectively, the Chief Warden must carry out certain duties. Give your Chief Warden the most comfortable look with our customised vests. These vests are Long lasting and safer to use. You may get the words 'Chief Warden' imprinted on other hued vests too, but do be advised they will not be consistent with the Australian Standards.

Just upload your customization requirement and when you submit your order, we will print it according to your specifications and deliver it straight to your door, through rush delivery in 1-2 days. Pick up option is also available from our outlet.

This vest can be combined with our CHIEF WARDEN Embroidered Cap and hard hat for a complete look so why not order all three and save on shipping!

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Product FAQ

Is this an approved Hi Vis colour?

No, only two colours are classified as Hi-vis according to Australian Standards: a specific fluoro Yellow and Orange, as well as an Orange-Red in some instances. The Chief Warden vest meets Australian Standard 2700 and is frequently purchased with the Fire and Area Warden vests.

Who can wear this vest and when?

The vest is often worn by Chief Wardens who, upon hearing an alarm or becoming aware of an incident, should start to alert their subordinates to ensure all norms are adhered to and the incident is brought under control as quickly as possible. They manage almost every operation so that occupants exit an emergency situation safely.


Can I get another coloured vest but with the same text?

You may select and customise any of our high vis safety vests, but they won't be compliant with the set Australian Standard for the Chief Warden Vest. 

Which sizes are these available in?

We supply the vests in sizes ranging from size XS to size 7XL.

Where are the high vis vests made?

Depending on the precise batch data, these are manufactured in China or India. Our in-house staff completes the printing entirely in Australia. Prior to shipment, our crew rigorously inspects the vests for quality and safety.

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