Warden Vests

Fire Warden Marshal, Emergency Fire Warden Marshal
Mon, May 30, 2022 1:53 AM
Warden Vests

Workdepot is well-known for the numerous Hi Vis Gear that we supply to work crews, response teams, and small businesses. We also take pleasure in supplying Incident Command Vests, which come in a number of colours (predefined by the Australian Standards) to assist you in better organising your reaction team. You may have a look at the range of Emergency Control Organization (ECO) we currently supply by clicking the Fire Warden Vests range.

Fire Warden Vests

Having the proper fire warden equipment, such as vests and hard hats, is critical for every workplace to be prepared for any mishaps that might occur. A fire warden serves as a team leader for their building or floor, ensuring that everyone in the area is fully educated of emergency and fire protocols and kept up to speed on the state of the incident and its severity.

Why are Fire Warden Vests important?

In case of a fire breakout, those in distress can seek help from the Fire Warden who is supposed to have undergone proper training to handle situations just like this one. The Fire Warden can guide the people to safety by letting them know of the evacuation procedures and help old people / those with limited mobility reach safety. Because the vests are red coloured, they stand out in crowd as compared to other fluoro colours. Thus, as per the Australian Standards, we also supply these in the approved colour.

You may get the words 'Fire Warden' printed on other coloured vests as well, but they won't be compliant with the norms set by Aussie Standards.

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Area Warden Vests

Area Wardens are in charge of certain workplaces or portions of a company. When an area warden becomes aware of an emergency, he or she should activate the emergency protocols at their level, which should involve the following actions: determine the scope of the issue and aid persons at immediate risk, sound the alarm n case of a fire and if it is safe to do so, they should try to extinguish the fire and evacuate their job.

The area warden is also supposed to aid those with limited mobility

Assign a staff member at the access points to guarantee that no one enters the facility without permission from the building warden or an emergency service member.

Contact the building manager.

Why are Area Warden Vests important?

Area wardens should be assigned to each level or zone of a building to oversee emergency operations, typically as ordered by the building warden. To assist building occupants and emergency services personnel to identify ECO personnel during an emergency the building warden and all area wardens should wear vests and caps with AREA WARDEN written on them.

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Chief Warden Vests

As the name implies, the Chief Floor Warden is in charge of all Wardens inside a facility. They have the same tasks as a Floor Warden, with additional duties shared with the Deputy Warden. If the Chief Warden is unavailable for whatever reason, the Deputy Warden takes over as Chief Warden.

Why are Chief Warden Vests important?

Floor, Deputy, and Chief Wardens are all responsible for ensuring that the following tasks are completed to the highest standards in order to keep everyone in the institution safe:

Improve and put emergency response and control processes in place.

Prevent emergencies whenever feasible by analysing the present state of the workplace and its dangers on a regular basis.

Make other employees aware of the dangers in the building, as well as the control measures and management procedures in place to address such hazards.

In charge of emergency and evacuation training, including fire drills

Know the location of all exits and evacuation routes within the institution. In the case of an emergency, help all persons in the building, including those with special needs.

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Responsibilities of the Chief Warden:

A Chief Warden must perform responsibilities that are critical to the safety of the building's residents and the efficient management of an emergency during an emergency.

These responsibilities include:

Making our way to the Master Emergency Control Point

Notifying the relevant Emergency Services branch, or ensuring that they have already been alerted

Initiating communication with the Floor and Deputy Wardens and instructing them on the course of action to be taken Instructing the Floor Wardens to evacuate quickly if necessary, ensuring their floor is empty of all individuals

Ensuring that all emergency protocols are followed, liaising with emergency services personnel, and maintaining control of the facility until it is handed over to the emergency personnel.