Customer showcase- This week's highlights

This article offers glimpses of several projects from last week wherein Workdepot has successfully served multiple customers, representing diverse industries, with different design requirements for their vests.
Fri, Sep 30, 2022 6:39 AM
Customer showcase- This week's highlights

High vis vests for a photography company:

This project commenced when a photography company approached us to order a few High vis day vests for their new event photographers who could be easily identified during an event. We sent them a sample for initial approval to confirm the print position and size. Once approved, the vests were sent for final printing through Sublimation technique. We delivered the products on time as promised, which impressed the entire team. 

Find our high vis day vest here: Hi Vis Australian Safety Compliant Day Vest (

Customised safety workwear for on an emergency response team:

An emergency response team’s coordinator contacted us to customize safety vests for their forward commanders/ on-scene commanders.  They specified their requirement to print the wordings in black ink on a blue high vis vest. We fulfilled their wish with the sublimation technique as it works best for high-vis polyester garments. The end result looked amazing because of the excellent colour scheme and they happily thanked us for delivering on time.

Click here for the product link: Compliant Coloured Safety Vests | Day Night | Leo Workwear (

Customised safety workwear for a public transport operating company:

The administrator of a popular public transport operating company mailed us that they are in need of a few pea-green coloured safety workwear, personalised with their company name and design. As soon as the digital sample was approved by the client, we quickly got the printing done and dispatched the garments well in advance. These vests were looking great and subtle, just like how they wanted it to be. We're sure they would be back to order more from us!

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Customised High vis vests for a popular sound group company:

A popular Australia - based Sound group company urgently needed some customised High vis workwear for their employees and thus after researching around, they inbox-ed us to enquire about the price range and how long we would take to deliver. When we told them about our express delivery service, they immediately placed an order and after they approved the digital mock-ups that we sent, we started processing the order via Sublimation technique, which involves printing on a special type of sheet, which is then heated and transferred to the fabric. Their logo together with black wordings on the bright coloured vest looked excellent. And yet again, we fulfilled our promise of delivering before the quoted time!

Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (

Customised  vest for airport manager:

The job began when an Airport Management Service company called us to print some high vis vests. Airport operations demand strict adherence to wearing safety vests to ensure visibility of staff in every condition. Along with the safety features, we validated the print placement and size of the high vis vests with the company by sending them a few digital mock-ups. Subsequently, we decided on printing using the Sublimation technique. The delivery took no time. These vests sported strong black inscription on a high-vis fluorescent background and looked fabulous - exactly in the way the customer desired.

Click here for the product link: Compliant Coloured Safety Vests | Day Night | Leo Workwear (

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