This week's top customers spotlight

This article gives readers a preview of a number of projects from the previous week in which Workdepot successfully met the needs of numerous customers from a variety of sectors and vest design specifications.
Fri, Oct 28, 2022 11:45 AM
This week's top customers spotlight

Pink High visibility vests made to order for a sporting event:

For their major event in February 2023, one of Sydney's most well-liked family-friendly community sporting event's- event manager requested us to customise some pink high visibility vests. He was given a variety of printing and location options, and after these were confirmed through the exchange of digital mock-ups, we turned on the printers and started printing the order using the sublimation technique, which involves printing on a special kind of sheet that is then heated to transfer the ink to the fabric. The vest's black design stood up beautifully against it, and the finished product was just what they wanted!

Click here for the product link: Pink high vis vests (

Ice tees for a beverage company with customised printing:

A beverage company from Brisbane approached us to order some ice tees with a custom design for their team. After the buyer gave the digital mock-up their approval, we printed the relevant sheets and attached them to the t-shirts. The customer was happy with the procedure in general, and the screen-printed t-shirts met all of his requirements.

Click here for the product link: Iced tees (

High vis day/night vest customised for a construction company:

After doing some research, a well-known construction company emailed us to ask about our pricing range and turnaround time for some customised high-visibility gear for its staff. They placed an order as soon as we mentioned our express delivery service, and after they gave their approval for the digital mock-ups we sent, we began processing it using the sublimation technique, which involves printing on a particular kind of sheet, which is then heated and transfers the print to the fabric. Their logo and words in black looked great on the vividly coloured vest. Once more, we delivered before the estimated time, as promised.

Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (

Customised high visibility vests for a company centred in the food industry:

We were contacted by a reputable company that supplies the food industry with premium seasonings and ingredients to create some high-visibility bright vests for its staff. We decided to go with the DTF printing method after carefully evaluating the needs of the client and the available funding. This approach requires printing a design on a specific sheet of paper that is then heated to transfer it to the fabric. The client was pleased with our work, and the dark print stood up brilliantly against the neon background.

Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (

Custom clothing for an event management firm:

A popular company's manager, who has over 30 years of experience in the event and exhibition industry, emailed us to place an order for a few high visibility vests, polos, and hoodies for their crew. To get their initial approval and to check the print position and size, we sent them a sample. Following approval, the garments were shipped to be final printed using the sublimation method, which is ideal for high-visibility polyester clothing. We impressed the entire team by delivering the products on schedule and as promised.

Click here for the product link: Fleecy hoodie (

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