This week's highlights: Customer showcase

This blog previews the personalised safety gear we created over the past week for a variety of clients with varying needs.
Fri, Apr 14, 2023 6:20 AM
This week's highlights: Customer showcase

The manager of a major emergency service vehicle manufacturer and repairer in Sydney contacted us to place an order for a few safety vests bearing their company's logo. The client was given access to quick mockups created by our design team. With the client's approval, we started sublimation printing the vests, a process that involves embedding a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat. Because the bold black print contrasted so well with the pink background, the client was happy with the final product and congratulated us on meeting our delivery deadline.


Click here for the product link: Pink safety vest for identification (

One of the well-known institutions emailed us to request several safety vests for their staff, and they immediately placed the order. We sent a digital mock-up together with the print specifications and location to make sure the design we were about to print complied with the customer's requirements. After promptly producing the vests with sublimation printing, we swiftly shipped the order.


Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (

We were called by a business that actively helps persons with disabilities achieve their goals and objectives in order to place an urgent order for a few safety vests. So, with the help of our design team, we prioritised their orders and delivered prototypes as soon as possible. We sent it to be printed once we had the client's permission. To print their emblem on the front of the vest, nearly all of the rear prints were made utilising the sublimation technique in black. The customer expressed satisfaction with how swiftly we processed their purchase and remarked that the vests exactly matched their needs.


Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (


Some high visibility vests were ordered by a manager from a reputable parent business of well-known hardware companies for their staff. We produced a digital mock-up for the client to view and approve after receiving the required artwork assets. After making a few design adjustments to the customer's satisfaction, we ultimately printed the unique sublimation sheets with the approved design, and we completed the order by heat pressing them on top of the garment. The client was happy with our work, and the contrast between the black print and neon background worked beautifully.

Click here for the product link: Yellow high vis day vest (

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