Our Recent prints on High Vis Vests and polos

An overview of customized vests and polos made for various Australian businesses using the sublimation printing and dtf technology, where Workdepot has successfully met the needs of multiple clients from a broad range of industries.
Thu, Dec 1, 2022 4:13 PM
Our Recent prints on High Vis Vests and polos

We received a purchase order from an audio-visual equipment rental firm for some high visibility day vests in high vis yellow and high vis orange. After determining that dtf printing would be the best option for printing their logo, we began printing after finalising the design through the exchange of a few samples made by our skilled team of designers. The finished product was elegant, and we made sure to provide it far in advance of the scheduled time to save last-minute stress.



Click here for the product link: Hi Vis Australian Safety Compliant Day Vest (workdepot.com.au)


The manager of a friendly community shopping centre contacted us to place an order for some high-visibility reflective vests for their workmen. To complete the design, we created a few mockups and shared them with our client. Once they approved, we got started on the fluoro hi vis vests.  We arrived at the conclusion that Direct to Film printing, which uses a heat-press mechanism to transfer prints onto fabric, would be the most appropriate printing technology given that the print had a variety of colors. Because of the fantastic color palette and the bold black letters, the final product couldn't have looked any better. The client expressed great satisfaction and assured us that they would soon place their next purchase with us.



Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (workdepot.com.au)


We received an email from the Administrator of a premium fulfilment service firm requesting some high-visibility reflective vests for their workforce. Once the client was satisfied, we started printing with the sublimation technique after creating some mock-ups with their logo. The end result matched the client's expectations exactly, and we are pleased that the client was satisfied. On the fluorescent background, the large, bold black print looked fantastic.



Click here for the product link: High vis day and night vest with reflective tape and velcro (workdepot.com.au)


A primary school's event coordinating staff recently got in touch with us to order some safety vests for an upcoming waste collection and waste management awareness programme. They inquired about the length of time it takes for us to process an order, and when they heard about our express delivery service, they instantly confirmed the order. With the help of our skilled designers, we created a sample after learning about their needs and the intended use of the vest. Once the client approved, we began printing the vests employing DTF printing technology. It entails printing a design on a specific sheet of paper, which is then heated to transfer the image to the fabric. We sent out the order and delivered far ahead of the scheduled due date. The white print and their school logo looked pretty good on the yellow vest. We are certain that the customer will come back to us for more orders.



Click here for the product link: Special Colour Safety vests for identification available in 13 colours | Pink | Blue | White | Sea Green | Black and more (workdepot.com.au)


We received a large order to customise a couple long and short sleeve polo shirts from a well-known enterprise that supplies contract labour and trades to the construction industry throughout Australia. We vividly remember how happy the staff was when they ordered from us a few months ago. We were overjoyed when they placed a second order with us and quickly began printing as their artwork file was already saved on our computer. The client was once more really pleased and amazed with our service.



Click here for the product link: high vis polos (workdepot.com.au)

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