Deputy Chief Warden Hard Hat

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When it comes to your head, it's necessary to wear the best protection available. The pre-printed variety is ideal for businesses and other sites where evacuation policies and procedures are frequently enforced. Our small, ventilated helmet provides excellent airflow. This helmet was created to shield people from falling objects of any kind. The Deputy Chief Warden will cover for the Chief Warden when he is not in the building and take over his duties.

· Light weight and comfortable

· Complies to Aussie standards

Because the prints are black and white, they stand out against the hard hat really well. On request, additional colour variations are also available, but they will not adhere to Australian Standards.

Why not get both and save on shipping? This hard hat may be worn with our Deputy Chief Warden's Cap and vest for a full ensemble. During an emergency evacuation, this headgear will make your Deputy Chief Wardens stand out in the throng, giving your team someone to turn to for assistance. Thanks to their distinctive high-visibility vests (available separately) and white hard helmets, your deputy chief wardens will stand out from the throng.

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what are the sizes available?

It's free size and can be worn by anyone

When do I need a hard hat?

When the risk of injury cannot be completely eliminated by other means, hard helmets are worn at work to protect against head injuries. The most critical part of your body is your head. You use your head to think, feel, talk, smell, and hear. It only makes obvious that you should shield your head from harm. The first line of defence against workplace head injuries is wearing a hard hat.

Is it durable?

Yes. But Regardless of how they appear on the outside, it is always recommended to replace your hard helmets every 5 years. Hard helmets should typically be replaced after two years of usage if the user environment is known to entail increasing exposure to temperature extremes, sunshine, or chemicals.

What is the role of a deputy chief warden?

The Deputy Chief Warden will cover for the Chief Warden when he is not in the building and take over his duties.