Our Best-Selling Pink Safety Vests V22 and V32

Check out this article highlighting the unique pink safety vests that we offer for enhanced visibility.
Thu, Oct 13, 2022 2:47 PM
Our Best-Selling Pink Safety Vests V22 and V32


First off, not every safety vests have to be in yellow or orange, you may want to try something that’s a little new. We, at Workdepot has 2 unique products in pink- V32 & V22. Pink safety vests can help you stand out from the crowd. It can be used in several unique situations. Our bright pink fluorescent high vis safety vests are made from high quality fabric and are very popular with both women and men in various workplace. These Vests can be worn by workers who will not need a high vis vest but require a safety vest with similar utility.


Pink high visibility vest V32 comes with a reflective tape, made for the safety of the workforce which can be used both day and night. This vest is most popular with customers in areas where the warehouse manager needs to wear a special-coloured vest but as they don’t move to high traffic areas, they do not require a high vis-compliant colour.

The polyester material makes our vests long-lasting, waterproof, comfortable and safer to use. The high vis day/night pink safety vest comes with 5cm reflective strips covering the waist, chest, shoulders, and back which provides protection to the wearer while working. 

100% polyester fabric

Velcro closure on front

Can be easily washed and cleaned

Cool, breathable and lightweight design

Comes with contrast grey binding

5cm reflective strips

BUY NOW: Pink hi vis vest with reflective tape for day and night visibility (workdepot.com.au)


Our specially made long-lasting coloured vests offer careful identification of personnel in the crew. It can be worn by anyone who needs to be easily identified but does not require high vis-compliant coloured vest. It can be worn over regular clothing and is made with durable, lightweight fabric. These vests offer better co-ordination and boosts workplace safety and efficiency. 

100% polyester tricot fabric

Identify your workforce with ease

Contrast grey binding

Comes with Velcro closure

Soft, cozy, lightweight and long-lasting 

BUY NOW: Pink Coloured Safety Vest for Identification (workdepot.com.au)


It can be worn to protect your safety while riding a bike/bicycle, running, construction sites, surveyors, traffic passing guards, police, security, airport, port, railway, warehouse, teachers, nurse on duty, construction site workers, traffic control, landscaping, emergency and rescue team, etc. 


Our range of sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 5XL and 7XL. We also offer custom printing and embroidery work on the vests as per your requirement. If you need any names, logos, numbers or other designs on the front left, front right or back to be printed on your vest, with our easy customisation service we make it easy just for you and customise the desired design.


Thus, if you are looking for credible vendors of safety vests, Workdepot will always be the best choice. So why wait, buy our high-quality durable safety vests CR-V22 and CR-V32. Staying safe on your job or making sure that each of your employees is well guarded against any avoidable form of injury or threat is the key responsibility of the management. Providing the right type of safety vests to your employees is one way of proving that you do care and value the contribution that each staff member in your organization is making.

Upload your customization requirement and when you submit your order, we will print it according to your specifications and deliver it straight to your door, shipping services are available Australia wide. Pick up option is also available from our warehouse in Arndell Park.

NOTE: Our products have undergone strict quality inspections before being packaged. If you encounter any problems before or after the purchase, please contact us in time. We would be happy to help you with any issue in connection with the purchase as soon as possible.

We proudly carry a large selection of vests and many other safety gears to ensure your safety!

Look good, stand out and stay protected all in one.  

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