Customer showcase: Personalised high vis yellow vests for different firms

A summary of the customised high-visibility yellow day and night vests that Workdepot produced for various Australian businesses via DTF and sublimation printing technologies, effectively meeting the demands of numerous clients from a variety of industries.
Fri, Feb 10, 2023 11:11 AM
Customer showcase: Personalised high vis yellow vests for different firms

It all started when a well-known logistics company visited our website and requested a quote for some printed high visibility clothing. As soon as the digital mock-up was approved, client was eager to see how the vests looked would look in person. We began printing the order after receiving the necessary artwork files. We decided to print the job using sublimation printing, which involves transferring a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat. The end result was great for the customer because the black coloured bold print stood out on the fluoro yellow background, and they thanked us for delivering on time.


The local government area team contacted us about customising some hi-vis vests. After receiving the appropriate artwork files, we produced a digital mock-up for the customer to review and approve. The order was completed by heat pressing the customised sublimation sheets on top of the clothing after a few adjustments were made to the design to the customer's satisfaction. The back of the vest was printed using sublimation, and since the front logo included colour, the front of the vest was printed using DTF technology. The dark print stood out beautifully against the fluorescent background, and the customer was delighted with our work.


A well-known school in Australia ordered from us some high-visibility workplace vests with their logo imprinted on the back. The task's requirements and budget were examined, and it was determined that a DTF print would be most appropriate. After the customer gave her approval for the digital mockup, we began printing utilising the DTF method, which entails printing on special sheets with a particular ink and creating transfers (which are sheets that are thermally sensitive) that are then pushed onto the garment for printing. When we delivered the vests, the customer was more than happy because a strong print on a luminous colour, like the hi-vis, never fails to wow.


While hunting for personalised vests for the staff, an Australian property developer who specialises in boutique high-end residential and commercial developments that are sensitive to their environment showed up in our mailbox. When the purpose of the polos was made clear, we advised that they purchase an all-polyester item to give good breathability and the fabric's inherent lightness, which improved working conditions. Pure polyester fabric also has the benefit of supporting sublimation printing. Once it was decided that the print would be entirely black, we moved on with sublimation printing the order, got the customer's approval on the mockup, and quickly shipped the order.


One of the most well-known floor-care companies in the world, based in Australia, required some high-visibility yellow vests with the words "Cleaning Shark" and the company's phone number for its employees. After that, a digital mockup was used to confirm the print sizes and positions. Once confirmed, the vests were imprinted using a process called sublimation printing, in which the ink penetrates the cloth to imprint the design, making the vest fade-resistant. Sublimation designs are perfect for polyester fabrics that are worn frequently since the ink instantly stains the fabric. We once again delivered on time, and the end product looked amazing with its powerful black on neon background.

Vests used for this order: High Vis Day/Night Vest (YELLOW) and High Vis Day (YELLOW)