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High Vis Fleece from the brand Syzmik offers an impressive catalogue that boasts warm hoodies, pullovers and sweatshirts. These fleecy products are perfect for workwear forces operating during the winter season and also to keep the user warm and comfortable at all times. These Syzmik High Vis fleeces are available on bulk and can be customized to the customer's specific needs such as the printing of logos and texts. Specific products are available with reflective tape meaning the wearer will be highly visible not only during the day but at dark during the night as well. With high visibility properties, these are sure to increase the safety of the users who wear them in construction and other hazardous environments. 

Syzmik products can be printed on demand to the customer's specific requirements. These fleecy products are sure to keep the wearer warm during winter hours and being Hi Vis, lower unwanted accidents as well.