Recent prints on High Vis Vests for Staff and First Aid Wardens

This article offers a short snippet of the customisation projects from last week wherein Workdepot has successfully served multiple customers, representing diverse industries, with different design requirements for their vests.
Fri, Oct 7, 2022 5:48 AM
Recent prints on High Vis Vests for Staff and First Aid Wardens

Customized high vis vests for a facility management company:

A facility management service company that operates in 15 countries, placed an order with us for some hi vis workwear vests customised with their logo on the back. As it was concluded that the print would be totally in black and involved no other colour, we decided that a sublimation print would be best suited. After the mock-up was approved by the client, we printed the garments and sent them out in the blink of an eye.

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Printed High Vis vests for First Aid Warden:

When searching for personalised vests for their emergency wardens, a healthcare organisation email showed up in our inbox. Upon inspecting their requirement and budget for the task, we sent them a few digital mock-ups and after finalising the design, we decided that the DTF printing would be best suited which involves printing special sheets using a specific ink and producing transfers which are then pressed onto the garment for printing. Green vests stand out from all other colours, thus making it easy to identify the first aid staff in times of emergency and enabling them to be visible and easy to find. Also, it is an approved shade to use for First Aid staff in Australia. The white prints on green coloured day/night vests looked outstanding and the organisation was quite pleased with our work.

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Customised safety vests for an organisation:

A Humanitarian Aid organisation needed some high vis workwear for their staff and process leaders, personalised with their role and design featuring a Christmas related design.

As per customer’s need, we decided to use green coloured vests for the Staff vest and red one for Process Leader. We confirmed the print size and location by exchanging a few digital samples with the client. Both the vests looked amazing in Bold White prints and the customer was left nothing short of satisfied when we delivered the vests in a very short time.

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Printed high vis vests for a renowned restaurant:

A well-known restaurant in Melbourne got in touch with us via an email with their Logo design and print specs. After the print location and sizes were confirmed via a digital mock-up and the required changes were applied, we got printing the all-black design on Yellow high vis vest via sublimation printing technique, as this method of printing lasts longer than other methods and won't crack or peel like those. These prints will outlast the vest! We quickly got the printing done and dispatched the job well in advance. The bold black print on Fluoro Vest just looked flawless.

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Pink High Vis Vests for a company’s support team:

A Software company needed some vests to easily identify employees of their support team department. To make sure the design we were about to print is as per the customer's need, we sent them samples and then continued to print the request by using sublimation technique after client’s approval. We recommended a bright pink vest so the support staff can be seen from anywhere in the office and stand out. Team Workdepot dispatched the order a few days prior to the promised date to ensure no hassle to the customer and the best customer service.

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