Customer Showcase : Printed Vests for an Expo

Overview of a high vis customising job we did for one of Australia’s largest & longest-running early parenting event!
Mon, Apr 25, 2022 9:59 AM
Customer Showcase : Printed Vests for an Expo

The Operations head of an expo approached us again to get a few more identification vests customised. After confirming that the design remains the same as the previous time we printed their order, we got the printers up and running and proceeded to print the order via sublimation technique, which entails printing on a special type of sheet, which is then heated and transferred to the fabric. The contrast between the black print and the vest was excellent, and the end product was exactly what they desired!

The Vest we used for this task: CodeRed Pink Hi Vis Day and Night Vest

Range of Vests we offer: Vests