Customer Showcase : Printed Hi Vis for Roof Rack Manufacturers

Overview of a task we did for a company that manufactures roof racks, trays, mounting systems, luggage boxes, carriers, and other such accessories.
Thu, May 19, 2022 2:05 AM
Customer Showcase : Printed Hi Vis for Roof Rack Manufacturers

We still remember how pleased the staff was when we customised some high vis for them last time. So much so, that we were entrusted to print another order for ~100 hi-vis vests. The entire process was blazing fast because we already had the artwork on file with us from the previous time. After deciding on printing using the sublimation technique, which involves printing on a specific kind of sheet which is then transferred to the fabric via heating, printing and delivery took no time.

Because the ink immediately enters the cloth, sublimation prints are ideal for polyester sportswear that is worn on a regular basis without the worry of the prints fading soon.

The finished product looked fantastic — strong black on a hi-vis fluorescent background – and we delivered on the schedule yet again!

We also provide vests and polos which you may have a look at by clicking here and offering to customise them.

The Vest used for this Order: CodeRed High Vis Day/Night Vest