Highlights From The Past Week: Custom made High Vis Day/ Night Vests

Here's a brief preview of the tasks we completed last week and how well our clients liked them. A quick process of determining the customer's requirements, providing digital mockups, and then, after approval, a quick and meticulous print job, made customization simply available to them.
Sun, Jun 4, 2023 1:43 PM
Highlights From The Past Week: Custom made High Vis Day/ Night Vests

An order for a few high visibility vests came in the mail from an established project management company. The order had already been finalised when our team got in touch with them to address all of their issues. Before advising orange day-night high visibility vests, we carefully analysed the use and requirement of vests. Mockups were rapidly created by our design team and given to the client for review. To the customer's surprise, as soon as the mockup was accepted, we started printing it right away utilising sublimation printing technology and had it dispatched in no time.

We received an email placing an order for a few safety vests from a business that is all about enthusiastic group of shipping, networking, and procurement specialists dedicated to offering cost effective procurement solutions, excellent production, and safe product delivery. We suggested printing their logo on a highly visible, neon yellow vest with reflective strips based on their financial limit and the planned purpose of the garment. We started printing the clothing utilising sublimation printing on the specifically created sublimation sheets with the confirmed pattern after exchanging a few prototypes with the client and getting her approval. We completed the order by heat pressing them on top of the garment because the pattern was all-black. The final product met all of our exacting requirements as well as the client's, and the vests were delivered on schedule.


We got a call a few weeks back from a reputable  trailer parts supplier.  Our graphic designers created a few digital prototypes after talking with the customer on the design specifications, print area, and size. After receiving the client's approval for the design, we turned on the printers and started printing the order. The sublimation method was used for this, which entails printing on a certain kind of sheet that is then heated to transfer the ink to the fabric. The vest satisfied all of their requirements, and the black letters stood out against the fabric.


An organisation mandated pink high visibility day/night vests for their coaches. After confirming the print placement and sizes using a digital mock-up and making the necessary adjustments, the sublimation printing technique was used to print the vest with the all-black artwork. In contrast to other techniques, this one's printing is more durable and won't peel or crack. In order to minimise the inconvenience for the customer and give the greatest level of customer services, Team Workdepot dispatched the item a week ahead the scheduled delivery date.

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