Custom-Printed Warden Vests

When escorting a gathering away from danger, the safety wardens must be easily recognised. A warden gains the visibility he needs and the confidence of those around him by donning the proper warden high visibility vest.
Wed, Nov 16, 2022 12:52 PM
Custom-Printed Warden Vests

In a company, a hundred things take place at once. And every one of these activities demands a secure environment. Therefore, it's essential to have someone in your organization who can anticipate potential problems, take appropriate action when anything goes wrong, and be able to accept responsibility for the outcome. This is when a safety warden's job plays a part. While a safety warden's duties can differ from company to company, they all share the same goal of guaranteeing everyone's safety while working.


Our warden safety vests are created by our in-house team of professionals and made of lightweight polyester to keep the wardens cool and comfortable. On the back, they are pre-printed with the specific words suggested by client, in bold, legible black letters. It is available in non-fluorescent colours and can be customised with high-visibility hues appropriate for usage during the day and at night by adding 50mm reflective silver tape. S–5XL are the sizes available for the warden vests.


Fire wardens usually make decisions on the fly in fire scenarios. They must be adaptable and prepared for the unexpected. When guiding a group of people away from danger, they need to be immediately identifiable. A warden gains the visibility he needs and the confidence of everyone around him by donning the proper fire warden high visibility vest.



Recently, the fire and safety section of a research management organisation required some muster warden and fire warden vests for their workforce. The manager came over and ordered something for us. After the print location and sizes were confirmed via a digital mock-up and the necessary changes were made, the all-black artwork was printed on orange and yellow high visibility vests using the sublimation printing technique, which entails printing on a special sheet of paper before transferring it onto a polyester/polyester mix fabric by heating until the ink dissolves into the fabric. In contrast to other techniques, this one's printing is more durable and won't peel or crack. To minimise the customer's worry and give the greatest level of customer service, Team Workdepot dispatched the item two weeks before to the scheduled delivery date.

At Workdepot, we're dedicated to offering affordable, high-quality fire warden vests in Australia so you can shop with confidence. We also make it simple.



Carefully choose what you want and upload the customized information. When you place your order, we'll print it to your exact requirements and rush-deliver it in 1-2 days right to your home. Additionally, pick up is an option from our store.

You're one step closer to having new custom safety vests. Your standard safety vests become effective marketing tools when they are custom printed. Start by classifying your safety vest appropriately. For optimal marketing impact, add your logo, tagline, and contact details next. Consider the most effective approaches to text and logo design.


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