Customer Showcase : Pink Hi Vis for Staff

Overview of a job we did for a school based out of Queensland.
Sat, May 7, 2022 3:55 PM
Customer Showcase : Pink Hi Vis for Staff

A school from Queensland needed some hi vis pink vests that said "Staff on Duty" for its teaching and non-teaching staff. After the print locations and sizes were confirmed via a digital mockup. Once approved, the vests were printed via sublimation printing which involves the ink penetrating the fabric and staining the vest with the print, making it resistant to fading. Because the ink immediately stains the cloth, sublimation prints are ideal for polyester fabrics that are worn on a regular basis.

The finished product looked fantastic — strong black on a light pink background – and we delivered on schedule yet again!

You may have a look at the pink vest we used for the job by clicking the link: Pink Hi Vis Day Vest

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