13 bright coloured vests for quick identification with custom printing

Use our coloured vests with custom printing to identify the staffs in your warehouse, office, school or any premises
Fri, Sep 23, 2022 4:48 PM
13 bright coloured vests for quick identification with custom printing



Variety of situations demands easy distinction between groups of people for specific reasons. As such, vests for identification purposes, without actually needing to meet Australian Standards would be ideal in such situations. For example, a school would prefer using vests so that a teacher on duty can be quickly visible in a bright pink vest. A VIP personal protection agency generally uses black vests for their armed security guards. Thus, using coloured vests is a great way to be visible and stand out. Due to continued customer demand, we now have the widest range of coloured safety vests in Australia.   

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We also accept rush orders including printing. We can turn around your order even on the same day! We are the only Australian Supplier that can provide this service! Guaranteed. No other company has the stock we have and the in-house printing services under one roof.




Safety vests are created for a variety of purposes. Prime purpose of safety vests is to allow the wearer to be seen even in low visibility hazardous surroundings. Most commonly found safety vests in the market are high vis safety vests. What if you need a vest just for ensuring differentiation and secondarily to ensure safety unlike the usual standard orange safety vest? Here the coloured vests come in handy.


Most people are familiar with the standard orange/ fluorescent yellow safety vest, but do you know that there are different colours of safety vests that each have a different meaning? Here are some ideas for our vest colours and what they could mean:

Ø  Yellow for school crossing guards and traffic control officers.

Ø  Green for surveyors and landscapers.

Ø  Blue for police officers, contractors and security guards.

Ø  Red vests are typically worn by firefighters and other emergency responders.

Ø  Purple for hazardous materials teams.

Ø  White for the office staff

Ø  Pink for visitors, school teachers

Ø  Orange for construction workers, utility workers, and highway maintenance crews.



Many companies have now adopted this as a policy as it makes sense to visually differentiate classes of people based on their role.




Our specially made long-lasting coloured vests offer careful identification of personnel in the crew and can be utilized to specify diverse divisions in your organization with reassurance. As said already, the colour and size of the vest can be customized as per your requirement. Also, these coloured vests are made of soft hand feel- Warp Knit 120GSM / 100% Polyester material.

Now let’s dive into the specific features of coloured vests from Workdepot so that you can make an informed decision in choosing the right vests for your team.


Ø             Ø  Available in Multiple sizes to choose among

Ø    Ø  Express delivery and pickup option available

Ø    Ø  Contrast grey binding

Ø    Ø  100% polyester tricot fabric

Ø    Ø  Larger range of attractive colours to choose from

Ø    Ø  Identify your workforce with ease

Ø    Ø  Easily add your custom logo for optimum brand awareness!

Ø    Ø  Add a layer of warmth with our extra soft, cozy safety vest. 

Ø    Ø  Lightweight and long-lasting, this cool safety vest is a must-add to your cart, while remaining budget-friendly.


Common prints we usually do are for professionals in security, press, doctor, nurse on duty, teacher on duty, etc that can offer better coordination and boost the workplace safety and efficiency. Please check out the representative sample prints that are available from our gallery. We also offer customized logos, graphics and labels. These Coloured Vests create a sense of identity and cohesion among members of a group or team. They also help and enable customers to identify employees who can help them and also boost self-confidence and enhance their cooperation.




Our best-selling Unisex Coloured Safety vests comes in a slew of 13 unique colours that are perfect for any staff in your organization who needs to be readily identified. 

Available colours include – Aqua, Bottle Green, Purple, Light Blue, Pea Green, Pink, Red, Royal, White, Sea Green, Maroon, Sun Yellow, Navy and Black. 

Our range of sizes are XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 5XL and are also highly customizable with printing and embroidery options. 

Thus, this product is a unique coloured vest available with or without printing options as per your requirement which can typically be used in factories, Healthcare and supply chains. We offer a full printing service in-house that can label the vests with any role, any individual names, logos, contact numbers or any other preferred designs on the front left, front right or back wherever you want it to be printed on your vest, with our easy customisation service we make it easy just for you and customise the desired design. It’s a perfect way to complement any vest that is worn.




The fact that our coloured safety vests are lightweight, and are sleeveless is going to mean that the worker can fully move around very freely, and will not be restricted in any way when at work. If you’re looking for a safety-coloured vest that will not only keep you safe, but is affordable and durable, shop from Workdepot. We proudly carry a large selection of vests and many other safety gears to ensure your safety!


Just upload your customization requirement and when you submit your order, we will print it according to your specifications and deliver it straight to your door, through rush delivery in 1-2 days. Pick up option is also available from our outlet.

Purchase the coloured vests online at workdepot for a better and competitive price.


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Thanks for reading! We hope this blog post has helped to explain why and where you need a coloured vests.