Hi Vis short sleeve day t-shirt with pocket

High Vis Short Sleeve Day T-Shirt

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100% Polyester, 150GSM

0.16 kg
screen print: 25+
embroidery: 10+
full colour print: 12+
black print: 12+

The high vis short sleeve day T-shirt is casual safety wear that can be worn with comfort and provides protection. This t-shirt comes with a handy pocket on the left chest area that can help with carrying small accessories, cards, wallets, etc for easy access. The rounded collar is a black-colored soft fabric that can also help keep moisture away. It is a short-sleeve design that can be worn on other everyday clothing as well.

The t-shirt is also fully compliant with Australian safety standards and comes with a compliant bright color. The clothing can be custom printed or embroidered for your specific need and can include names, logos, designations, etc that are needed at the workplace which can help better identify others.

  • Day only short sleeve Tshirt 
  • Comes with a front side pocket
  • Safety compliant and moisture absorbing collar

These can be worn by people operating in warehouses, forklifts, luggage handling, offices and as casual safety wear for the workplace. The t-shirt is good to wear if the user needs to stay dry and comfortable at all times. The polyester fabric keeps the t-shirt from tearing or having holes in them during work and is also good for quick turnaround washes for everyday use. The t-shirts will hold up against regular washes and do not shrink due to the high-density 150gsm fabric used.

The T-shirt is available in a high vis Yellow color.

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