Customer Showcase : Customised polos for a painting business

Overview of some high vis day workwear polos we customised via DTF printing technique for a painting business
Fri, May 20, 2022 4:14 PM
Customer Showcase : Customised polos for a painting business

After getting their last batch of workwear polos customised by us a few years ago, the business wanted to make a few changes to their existing polo. After the required files were exchanged and the mockup was approved by the customer, we got started on the fluoro hi vis polos. Since the print was a mixture of colours like Peacock Blue and Dark Blue-Grey, we concluded that the most suitable printing technique would be Direct to Film printing, which is a process that transfers prints onto fabric using a heat-press mechanism.

The end result looked nothing but fabulous because of the excellent colour scheme and bold black letters, and we're sure the customer would be back for more!

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Polo used for this task: GV-HVP21 High Vis Polo Shirt Short Sleeve