Our best selling fleece hoodie for day wear

For workers to be warm and safe during chilly working conditions, high visibility fleece hoodies are extremely important. Learn more about our fleece hoodies by reading this article.
Tue, Nov 22, 2022 9:19 AM
Our best selling fleece hoodie for day wear

Being visible is crucial for safety whether you work near or on busy highways. But it might be challenging to decide what to buy with the variety of hi-vis apparel available. Hi-vis hoodies and jackets are excellent choices for those who require more coverage than a vest can offer. When winter arrives, it's essential to ensure you have the proper attire to keep you warm when working outside. You must get ready for the cold weather whether you work as a construction worker, police officer, or delivery person. These clothes come in both sleeveless and long-sleeved variations, so you can pick the one that best suits the task at hand and the climate. 

High vis full zip day fleecy hoodie:

High-visibility full-zip day fleecy hoodies are available in high vis Orange Navy and high vis Yellow Navy. It has a hoodie to keep the head covered, a dual-tone pattern, strings to adjust the fit of the hoodie, and a darker waist and cuff design to keep the hoodie looking neat. This hoodie regulates body temperature in chilly climates and is best worn during the day. It includes a reliable zipper that can keep you safe from bitter cold and blustery winds while also making you visible, safe, and protected. It can keep the person dry and warm while being quite lightweight. The hoodie can be customised as desired through printing or embroidery. The design can be tweaked further, if necessary, by our designer.


· 100% polyester, 290GSM material

· Zipper hoodie with adjustable strings

· Bright dual-tone colour for safety use

· Soft elastic wrist cuffs

· Fully compliant with Australian standards

When can this fleece hoodie be worn?

Wear a fleece hoodie in any season you'd like as long as you're a slightly chilly. You can rely on fleece throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter since it is warm while yet being breathable.

Industrial applications:

We put your safety first, and our fleece workwear can be worn by road construction workers, utility employees, surveyors, forestry workers, and school crossing guards. It keeps you protected and lowers the risk of injury whether you are inside or outside, during the day or night. The hoodie may be layered over other clothing, can be tumble dried or dry cleaned as needed, dries more quickly, and is simple to fold or store.

Customisation and available sizes:

For pre-orders, we accommodate special requests for unique embroidery and printing on the front left, front right, or back of the vest. The sizes for this item range from S to 5XL. Additionally, we offer designers who will collaborate with you to prioritise achieving your outcomes. Your corporate name, position, badges, numbers, etc. can be added through customized printing or embroidery. After you submit your customization requests and complete your order, we will print the products to your specifications and rush-deliver them to your door. Please get in touch with us if you need something specifically and don't know how to design it; our team of designers can assist you. Additionally, our store offers pick-up services.


Workdepot will assist you in finding a hoodie that is both SAFE and FASHIONABLE. Place your order right away; our goods have unique features and are both stylish and secure: Keep your team at work, your family, and your children SAFE!

We offer the hi-vis gear you need, whether you need one item or enough to equip a whole team. To find out more about our selection of hi-vis clothes, contact us pretty soon.

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