High Visibility Day Polo Shirts

Stay cool and visible with our collection of short-sleeve T-shirts and high-visibility polo shirts for the workplace, specifically designed for warmer weather.
Tue, Nov 15, 2022 10:05 AM
High Visibility Day Polo Shirts

In search of safety and style? Look no further than our collection of polo shirts with excellent visibility.

Construction, traffic management, airport ground crews, mining, and a plethora of other professions that involve working near vehicles or large equipment all demand their staff to wear high visibility workwear polos while on the job site.

What are high-visibility polos?

We all know and love the Polo neck T-shirt in all the best ways possible. People who work in industries where it's important for them to be seen clearly should wear hi-vis workwear polo shirts, which are a particular style of shirt. A combination of polyester and cotton ensures that the polo shirt is both durable and comfortable to wear against your skin. Polo shirts help us stay cool in the warmer months.


Safety is an important aspect while designing hi-visibility workwear polo shirts. These polo shirts, which are available in a variety of designs and colours, are a lightweight and breathable replacement for the typical heavy safety vest. For optimal visibility, even at dawn and dark, hi-vis workplace polo shirts contain reflective trim or piping along the collar, cuffs, and hemlines. The collar, short sleeves, and excellent craftsmanship give it a classy look


You can keep your staff safe on the job site while simultaneously promoting your business by providing hi-vis polo shirts embroidered with your company logo. You've come to the perfect place if you want to find out more about the importance of this for your company.


What do high visibility polo shirts help achieve?


• Establishes high standards

Your team will look sleek and cohesive if all of your employees are dressed professionally, which may even subtly raise the bar for their performance. This is so that your staff will strive harder to live up to the expectations of your clients, who will expect a specific quality of service from the team.


• Aids in staff identification

If you've ever visited a construction site, you are aware that workers from several companies frequently collaborate to finish a project. However, this can make it challenging to quickly distinguish which employees are on which crew, for instance, who is the electrician and who is the plumber. Branded polo shirts solve this problem right away.



• Encourages teamwork


Do you want your staff members to feel a feeling of community and unity? Since there is no longer anything to divide them, by giving them matching embroidered hi viz polos, this unified look can truly convert into a sense of team spirit.


Ensures that employees are always visible

Hi-visibility apparel, as the name suggests, is made to make employees more visible so they can be seen in dimly lit or dusty environments. Hi-vis polos are not only practical, but also required by law. They can be made of reflective panelling at night or fluoro-coloured fabric during the day.


Free marketing for your business

Finally, and most crucially, branded polos provide free servicing anywhere your employees go. Having your logo and company name embroidered or printed on your uniform helps ensure that everyone who interacts with your team, from pedestrians on the street to coworkers they meet during lunch, can readily understand your marketing message. All of this exposure may result in increased sales for your brand. 


Doubtless, the above examples have convinced you of the significance of outfitting your workers with the greatest workwear. At Workdepot, we advise using high visibility polo shirts with your company logo embroidered on them so that you can keep your staff members clearly visible on the job site and convert them into mobile billboards for your company. Need to know more? Workdepot can assist you in picking out the proper branding for your business as well as the appropriate polos to make your brand stand out. To learn more, get in touch with us right away.


Product Features:


Only to be worn during the day, our high-visibility short sleeve day polo shirts are available in two colours: high viz orange navy and high vis yellow navy. 

        High vis Australian compliant Day Polo

        Dual-tone front design

        Secure pocket on the right chest area

        Round collar

        Adjustable collar with buttons for comfort

        Outdoor and indoor use

Where can we use high vis day polo shirts?


The polo shirt is suitable for wearing during the day for activities such as cycling, hiking, and office work. It may be cleaned, dried, and laundered quickly and easily with water. The outfit is constructed of a lightweight, wonderfully soft, and well fitted 100% polyester fabric. It offers better comfort and protection than safety-casual workwear and can be used as an alternative.


In conclusion:


It is a known and accepted fact that investing in comfortable safety clothing is always an investment you won’t regret. When it’s durable, that investment becomes even more solid and a choice that you are proud of.  These shirts are generally found on job sites where there is a high amount of exposure to the sun and strenuous work since the safety of the worker is of the utmost importance. So, what’s to think about? It’s time to be effortlessly comfortable, safe and stylishly sustainable.

Just upload your customization requirement and when you submit your order, we will print it according to your specifications and deliver it straight to your door, through rush delivery in 1-2 days. Pick up option is also available from our warehouse in Arndell Park.


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