Customised high visibility yellow vests: A weekly overview

A summary of the customised multiple high-vis yellow vests that Workdepot produced for various Australian businesses via DTF and sublimation printing technologies, effectively meeting the demands of numerous clients from a variety of industries.
Fri, Apr 28, 2023 7:18 AM
Customised high visibility yellow vests: A weekly overview

A well-known building company in Australia approached us for a price on getting some customised workwear hi-vis for their employees. He was given a number of location and printing alternatives right away, and once those choices had been confirmed through the exchange of digital mockups, we started sublimation printing. Sublimation printing is essentially a method that involves printing on a special piece of paper, which is then heated and pressed on top of the garment. This minimises fading and allows the ink to permanently stain the garment, making it a viable option for businesses whose employees work in harsher climates. We are certain that the client would order more after seeing the spectacular final result!


A renowned corporate and commercial interior design firm contacted us regarding customising some hi-vis for their team. After receiving the appropriate artwork files, we produced a digital mockup for the customer to review and approve. The order was completed by heat pressing the customised sublimation sheets on top of the clothing after a few changes were made to the design to the customer's satisfaction. The dark print stood out beautifully against the fluorescent background, and the customer was delighted with our work.


A courier business in Australia ordered some high-visibility workplace vests from us with their logo on the back and front. We chose to move forward with the DTF printing method after carefully considering their needs and the job's budget. This method entails printing a design on a specific sheet of paper that is then transferred onto the fabric using a heating mechanism. We printed the necessary sheets and adhered them on top of the tees after the buyer approved the digital mockup. When we delivered the vests, the customer was more than happy because the combination of vibrant colours and a vivid neon background never fails to impress.


We were asked by a specialised Event Lighting and Production firm to come up with some vests for the members of their team. After exchanging digital mockups to confirm the print placement and size, we started printing the vests using DTF printing, which entails printing special sheets with a particular ink and creating transfers (which are thermally sensitive sheets that are then pressed onto the garment for printing). When we delivered the vests, the customer was more than happy.


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