Customer Showcase: Customised T-shirts for an event

Overview of a task where we printed some tee shirts for an event
Tue, Aug 2, 2022 6:31 AM
Customer Showcase: Customised T-shirts for an event

An event management organization got in touch with us for printing merch for an upcoming event. 

After carefully understanding their requirements and budget for the job, we decided upon going forward with the DTF printing technique that involves printing a special sheet of paper with a design which is then transferred onto the fabric via a heating mechanism. 

After the customer approved the digital mockup, we printed the sheets required and applied them on top of the tees. A blend of vibrant colours combined with a neutral background such as grey never fails to impress, and thus the customer was left nothing short of satisfied when we delivered the tees.

The T-shirt we used  -  Biz Collection Ice Tee

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